Hi my name is Tim Eyes, aka fabMOL, and I’m a post doctoral researcher in immunology at the University of Manchester, UK. I started exploring 3D printing biomolecule structures during my PhD studies. I was sat at my desk one day looking at a protein structure on my computer screen and thought wouldn’t it be neat if you could have a physical model to compliment this. So I developed a process to 3D print these biochemical structures. These models not only make fascinating, aesthetically pleasing objects but they are also perfect for demonstrating and teaching purposes.


fabMOL provides a service to create 3D models of molecular structures  in conjunction with the 3D print company Shapeways.

All our models are based on actual atomic coordinates and are therefore scientifically accurate. The models reflect how these molecules would actually look if you could ‘see’ them!

This let’s us journey into the nano-scale world of molecules and atoms….


Here in our store we have a selection of popular molecule models but welcome customer specific orders and suggestions. All we need is a structural file, a bit of creativity and the possibilities are endless!

We can design simple chemical models as well as macromolecules such as proteins and DNA, molecular complexes and can focus in on actives sites or ligands.

All the various molecular representations are available; ball and stick, spacefill, surface, ribbon and cartoon. Shapeways manufacture the models in a number of robust materials as well as in colour.

We  have completed lots of succesful projects, with customers from a variety of backgrounds including professors and teaching staff in institutions to pharmaceutical and chemical industry clients! See some testimonials here.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to message us



Using molecule models for public engagement.