There is an extremely fast growing 3D printing community, so why not be part of it? Here are some interesting links to other 3D molecule print projects….

An interview with myself… Shapeways Designer Spotlight


The Scientist, 2012, 3D printing molecules

Nature 2012 , Science in Three Dimensions: The Print Revolution

A video of some fabMOL models, on display at the 2015 NIH Bioinformatics & Computational Biosciences Festival ‘Science-In-3D’, Maryland.

Understanding Diabetes with 3D Printed Protein Models;

Sculpteo fabMOL shop

An interesting history of molecular visualisation.

Video by Arthur Olsen (Scripps), genuinely the Godfather of molecule 3D printing….

Inspiring molecular animations by Drew Berry (Melbourne)…

Molecular animation of the cell by Molecular Movies…

Molecular models as gifts and awards…

German Prime minister Angela Merkel receives a 3D printed antibody model.

German chancellor Angela Merkel receives a 3D printed antibody model.