How it works

Please visit the shop first to get a feel for the kind of  models available.


Here’s how Shapeways print the models….

Here are the steps to get your molecule printed…

1. Choose a molecule and send me a structure file (e.g. .PDB or .CIF), or send me a link; take a look at the Protein Data Bank (PDB files) and Crystallography Open Database (CIF files) to find your molecule of interest.

2. Explain how you would like your model to look, representation (surface, ball and stick etc), colours, any ligands or supports required.

molecule representations avialable

molecule representations available

3. Choose the model material. Shapeways offer a range of different materials from robust plastic to metal.

4. Cost and size. Cost is dictated by size, type and volume of material used. I can scale models to suit any budget.

5. Time. I will work with you to make your model available through Shapeways. Printing usually takes less than 14 days and Shapeways can deliver internationally, with HQs in USA and Europe.